Agricultural Committee

Background (Role of the Committee)

The committee handles all matters relating to sustainable agricultural practices; poverty eradication by utilization of high value inputs and equipment; value addition for farmers; food security and drought management; production and marketing; fisheries development; and adoption of technological advancements in agriculture.

The Committee also addresses matters related to agricultural levies and licenses, devolvement of agricultural projects to Counties, sharing of revenue for export abattoirs in Nairobi, intergovernmental Relations by developing mechanism for consultation and cooperation for the agriculture sector.

Legal Framework

The primary source of legislation of the committee's activities is the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The other key sources of legislation include:


  • The National Drought Management Authority Act No. 4 of 2016
  • The Fisheries Management and Development Act, No 35 of 2016
  • The Seeds and Plant Varieties (Amendment) Act, 2016
  • The Fertilizers and Animal Foodstuffs (Amendment) Act, 2015
  • The Crops Act No. 16 of 2013
  • The Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority Act, 2013


Approach to Undertaking Committee’s Business
The committee functions through;

  • Inter-county forums
  • Intergovernmental (national and county) forums
    The committee also engages with the various stakeholders to promote the devolution and elevation of agriculture into a viable business for the farmer.



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Latest News from the Counties


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