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Devolution Conference 2016 Program

  • Devolution Conference DAY 1 – Monday,18th April 2016

    Arrival and Registration at Consolata Primary School
  • Devolution Conference DAY 2 – Tuesday,19th April 2016

    Opening CeremonySubtheme 1: Celebrating unity in diversity Objective: To share experience on how Kenya has remained a unitary state in
  • Devolution Conference DAY 3 -Wednesday,20th April 2016

    Subtheme 4: Public participation as a tool for governanceTo examine the level of citizen participation to enforce integrity, transparency and
  • Devolution Conference DAY 4- Thursday,21st April 2016

    Subtheme 8:Conflict Management and MitigationObjective: To identify measures required to prevent and mitigate occurrence and recurrence of conflict related issues
  • Devolution Conference DAY 5- Friday ,22nd April 2016

    Exhibition/ Depature
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Devcon 2016
19th-23rd April 2016
Meru, Kenya

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