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Agriculture Best Practice Mandera County




25th May 2015
Submitter’s Name:  David Wanjohi
Committee: Agriculture and Lands Committee

County:  Mandera County

Brief Description of the Practice:
 Strategy for Improving  Food Security in Mandera County
The Mandera county government has embarked on large scale revitalization of agriculture through, reviving irrigation schemes, Construction of canals, leasing large acreage of land for food crop production, field extensions services to farmers, initiating green houses, purchase of water pumps, and establishing food processing plants to ensure value addition.

Why the practice was used:

Food security is an issue of national concern in Kenya in general and North Eestern Regions in particular.  Mandera County being ASAL County is prone to adverse food security crises over the years.  To intervene effectively the county decided to formulate an internal solution.  The county food security strategy is a multi-faceted approach ranging from irrigation, expert field extension services and ultimate value addition in agriculture.  As such this strategy is geared towards reducing overdependence on donor promoted agribusiness and food relief services.

 Benefits of the practice:

•    Increased food production
•    Increased access to clean water and sanitation
•    Increased agribusiness
•    Value addition
•    Job creation

Challenges associated with the practice:

The major challenge associated with this practice is resource allocation, which limits the extent of implementation. To circumvent this, the county government has entered partnership agreements with development partners to provide additional support.
 Water shortage too has been a challenge and the county has begun exploring underground water.
Lastly, insecurity has posed and interrupted implementation of this practice.

How the success of the Best Practice was measured:

The success was measured in terms of completed projects as follows:
•    The County Government has so far fully revived and operationalized three irrigation schemes that have been inoperative for decades.
•    Construction of 4.5km canals at different sites
•    Revival of 6 dormant irrigation schemes
•    Leased 94 acres of farm demonstration to train farmers
•    Purchased 59 greenhouses for 4 sub counties that are active in agriculture
•    Purchase of over 100 water pumps for irrigation.
•    Construction of several water canals for irrigation and three demonstration farms operationalized.
•    Initiated one irrigation scheme for dry land farm koromey irrigation scheme
•    . The production will be market oriented for increased sales and increased production.
Cumulatively, these initiatives have improved food production on the county.

The COG Chairman

H E Nanok

His Excellency Josphat Koli Nanok,  Governor Turkana County and the Chairman of the Council of Governors.


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