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Best Practices Value Addition

Council of Governors


Date: February 2nd June, 2015
Submitter’s Name:  Shem Sam

Sector/Committee Name: Agriculture

 County:  Kisii County

Brief Description of the Practice: Value Addition through Avocado Processing
The avocado fruits are picked from plant, selected, sorted, and cleaned for local processing. After this, avocado oil is extracted from fruits and packaged for export to Australia, Mexico and other parts of the world. The extracted avocado oil is used in manufacture of a range of products including cosmetics. This practice began after Kisii County Government forged partnership with Australia Old Land Trade Kenya Limited in October 2014. To ensure sustainability and increased production, the county government provides one million seedlings annually. Market is also available as county residents replace their traditional oil with locally processed avocado oil.

Why the practice was used
Kisii County is the second largest producer of avocado after Muranga. Before the practice, avocado fruit yielded more than could be locally consumed. As such they went to waste since the fruits are perishable and required refrigeration for storage.  The other issue is that exporting whole fruits amounted to exported jobs associated with processing and packaging. There was also the need to maximize gains from avocado through exporting finished products.

Benefits of the practice:
A part from improved production, farmers’ income has increased over three folds. Several remote areas in the county have witnessed the construction of roads to promote trade. The most important gain is job creation through picking, selection, sorting, processing of fruits and packaging of oil, which constitute direct jobs created. There are also indirect jobs in service sector.

Challenges associated with the practice
Initially, transportation and storage posed challenges because the fruits are perishable. However, since the practice was adopted, the public-private partnership between Kisii County and Australia Old Land Trade  Kenya Ltd has seen feeder roads constructed and preservation through refrigeration at the depot possible.

How success of the practice was measured
1.    Through job creation where almost over 3000 jobs are created both directly and indirectly.
2.    Through increased in come. Farmers’ income has increased three fold.
3.    Increased road network. Feeder roads have been constructed and maintained to enable transportation.

Where can this practice be replicated?
Meru and Muranga Counties produce large number of avocado fruits and this practice may benefit local farmers in both counties.

The COG Chairman

H E Nanok

His Excellency Josphat Koli Nanok,  Governor Turkana County and the Chairman of the Council of Governors.


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