Friday, August 18, 2017
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Governors concerned by an attempt to slow down spending through IFMIS

press Release1The Council of Governors is concerned that the Integrated Financial Management system (IFMIS) has not worked since Monday, April 3, thus disrupting operations across the 47 County Governments. The disruption has affected County governments’ payments for emergency service delivery, development payments and payments of workers by Counties. The promise was that through IFMIS, County Governments shall have enhanced efficiency in planning, budgeting, procurement, expenditure management and reporting thus ensuring prudent disbursement and utilization of resources. County Governments, when presented with the system were assured that it was fool proof, which is not the case. Therefore, the Council of Governors views this as a subtle attempt to slow down County governments’ expenditure as the general elections date draws nearer. Delivery of services to Kenyans cannot and should not be pegged on elections or any event for that matter. Click Here to Download


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