Thursday, August 17, 2017
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National and County Government statement on Nurses strike, 5th June 2017

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1. The negotiations on the Nurses Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Nurses Union and the Joint National and County governments negotiating team have been ongoing since December 2016.

2. The negotiations have been carried out in good faith. All parties have been in constant discussions to finalise he Nurses CBA as agreed last year in a Return to Work Formula.

3. Both levels of Government remain committed to ensuring improved working conditions for all health workers.

4. The negotiation parties have a concluded a draft CBA.

5. The concluded draft CBA was forwarded to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission for guidance and for SRC to issue a 'no objection' letter in relation to the content of the draft CBA.

6. Once SRC makes a pronouncement on the matter, County governments will go ahead and sign the CBA with the Nurses Union.

7. The Government (National and County) is following due process to ensure that the CBA is signed and that it shall not have any legal challenges in the registration process.

8. In terms of financial implication, the draft CBA proposes KES.
40,366,442,400.00 over and above what was approved in the Return to Work Formula which is KES. 3,474,144,000.00 for every financial year.

9. The above amount will require huge adjustment of budgets for both National and County governments to cater for it. However, the Governments is still in talks with the Nurses Union to come with an amicable solution.

10.As Government we ask our colleagues who are members of the Nurses Union to resume their duties to ensure that Kenyans continue to access health services.

11.On the allowances provided for in the Return to Work Formula, National and County governments have continually paid these to all nurses working within government. Governments are spending KES. 3,474,144,000.00 for every financial year.

12.We appeal that as we finalise discussions with the Nurses Union and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to ensure conclusion and registration of the CSA. We further appeal that that we maintain the good will that we have had with the nurses.

Thank you

H.E. Hon. Josphat Nanok

Chairman Council of Governors

Mr. Julius Koris

Principal Secretary

Ministry of Health

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