Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Interview with Mrs. Jacqueline Mogeni, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Governors

C.E.O COG1. After the adoption of the new Constitution in Kenya, back in 2010, many administrative changes have taken place in the country. For example, in terms of strengthening the competences of subnational governments in order to improve efficiency and to set the country onto the path of sustainable development. What is the role of the Council of Governors of Kenya (CoG) in this framework, and how Kenyan counties contribute to the sustainable development of the country?

The Council of Governors was established with the mandate of providing a mechanism for consultation amongst County Governments while facilitating sharing of information on the performance of the counties in the execution of their functions with the objective of learning and promotion of best practice. Additionally, the Council facilitates capacity building for Governors; consider matters of common interest to County Governments; receive reports and monitoring implementation of inter-county agreements on inter-county projects; and resolves disputes between counties within the framework provided under the Inter-Governmental Relations Act........Read More


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