Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Remarks by CEO - COG, during official handing over of vehicles and equipment to COG for the transforming health systems for universal care project on 31st JULY 2017 at Afya House, Nairobi

Universal health carePrincipal Secretary - Ministry of Health, World Bank representatives present Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocol observed.

I am delighted to be present at this handing over and I take this opportunity to thank you all for finding time to be here today. Ladies and Gentlemen I am particularly delighted to see that the efforts we invested in the design and development of the Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project have started coming to fruition. It has indeed been a long journey and we thank you, all stakeholders for the consultative and cooperative process we exploited which has resulted in such positive indicators of significant milestones as the delivery of these project vehicles. The Council of Governors appreciates that Component one of this project specifically focuses on improving the quality and utilization of primary health care in the 47 counties. This is a clear demonstration that the project design takes cognizance the constitutional role of counties in health service delivery and placing high premium at the primary level of healthcare provision. It is now well established that devolution in health is beginning to bear positive results and therefore strengthening systems and improving service delivery for the implementation of PHC activities requires the undivided support of all stakeholders and development partners the counties. The delivery of these motor vehicles is clearly a step in the right direction and we are most grateful to the World Bank, the Ministry of Health and the Project Implementation Team. Ladies and Gentlemen The ultimate goal of this project is to realize the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3 which is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. This cannot be achieved if the health sector players at both national and county government level are not well coordinated and working as a team. This project therefore presents a great opportunity for the Council of Governors, the Ministry of Health and all stakeholders in the health sector to work together, improve coordination in order to achieve the common objective of an improved health sector. The Council of Governors is pleased that Component three of the project gives the counties an opportunity to come together, prepare and submit proposals on innovative Primary Health Care projects to be implemented jointly and funded under this project. These inter-county, innovative and collaborative proposals are expected to be implemented either in collaboration with the National Government, a semi-autonomous government agency or between counties and will be funded to the tune of Ksh. 50 million per proposal. The CoG notes that the process of requesting for and receiving these proposals has already began and the closing date is August 31st. This component will not only empower the counties but also create a platform for the innovative and creative ideas in furtherance of primary health care services at the county level. Ladies and Gentlemen Whereas implementation of the project did not kick off as fast as was expected in FY 2016/2017 as planned, steps have been taken to accelerate the process, make counties benefit and ensure that allocations for subsequent activities are performance-based. We are hopeful that the investment committed to counties in this financial year (FY2017/18) will enable all counties to benefit throughout the five-year life of the project. We are working with the counties to ensure all 47 meet the basic conditions in the project agreement for funding to start flowing in this first year of implementation Among these conditions are: the opening of Special Purpose Accounts with Chief Officers Health and Finance being primary signatories; the designation of project focal persons, accountants and internal auditors by the counties. So far, thirty one (31) counties have met all the requirements. Before I conclude, may I mention that the funds flow mechanism adopted by this project is cognizant of devolved structures and so far, the dialogue we have had with the National Treasury, the Ministry of Health, the World Bank and other donors participating have been very positive. In the fullness of time, it may be useful for other donors to take a look and consider adopting this mechanism. Ladies and Gentlemen As we officially receive the vehicles and working equipment from the Ministry, I wish to reaffirm the commitment of the Council of Governors to working in synergy with the Ministry of Health and the World Bank to realize the success of the Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project. Thank you and God bless you.

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