Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Ahadi’s countinued support to the Council of Governors

AhadiCoGThe Council of Governors works through support from the National Treasury, County Governments and Development Partners. One such key support is derived from the Agile and Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI), a USAID funded program that supports implementation of good governance within the national and County Governments. AHADI’s support to counties aims at ensuring that functionality and effectiveness of the devolved system is increased through intra-government engagement and corporation.
Since the establishment of the Council of Governors, AHADI has been a key partner assisting to entrench devolution and putting up sustainable systems in the counties. Moving forward as we commence the second cycle of county governments, a consultative meeting held by the two partners on 7th September 2017 confirmed that AHADI will strengthen COG secretariat through additional, more targeted technical assistance in order to enhance coordination and build the capacity of technical teams in the counties.

During the discussions that captured the overall support areas for the Financial Year 2018, Ms. Rachel Kidenda the Program Officer in charge of Good Governance at AHADI was happy to confirm that the support provided by AHADI has been very instrumental in driving devolution in the Country. She remained optimistic of a continued partnership. Among the key areas proposed for support by AHADI in the financial year will include undertaking a legal audit of trade and investment, health, Public Finance management and the Urban, Lands and Physical planning sector to determine the effectiveness of the existing laws. Other areas agreed upon (subject to confirmation of budget space) were Technical support to the Agriculture Committee, Induction of the 2nd Generation Governors and Capacity building for county staff.
AHADI has equally supported the Council’s Maarifa Center which is a knowledge sharing and best practice program. Maarifa Centre was launched during the 4th Annual Devolution Conference by the Deputy Chief Justice and Vice President of the Supreme Court Lady Philomena Mwilu. “We are keen to promote peer to peer learning among counties with the view of sharing lessons learnt and the Maarifa Center is a focal point for this”, said Ms. Reehana Raza, Senior Research Associate with the Urban Institute.

Previously, AHADI supported the Council to develop the Performance Management Framework for County Governments. The Framework, which was launched during the 4th Annual Devolution Conference by the President of the Republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, and will in the 2018 financial year be cascaded through consultative forums. Additionally, AHADI was instrumental in supporting the Council of Governors to develop its current Annual Strategic Plan for the year 2017- 2022, and sponsored printing of 2000 copies to facilitate wide dissemination to stakeholders.
All planned activities will be agreed upon between the two institutions through a joint implementation framework once AHADI receives its budget from the USAID.

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