Friday, August 18, 2017
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Lamu County Fishing Competition

lamuLamu County marked its 3rd year of fishing competition since its invention in 2014.The competitions, which attracted a huge number of participants and spectators from within and outside the county, had 48 participating dhows which were facilitated with 20 liters of petrol by the department of fisheries, Livestock and Corporate Development.

The competitions also created a platform where the participating fishermen from all the sub counties exchanged and showed off their fishing skills in a relaxed environment as opposed to their usual daily activity.

The top three dhows that participated in deep drop fishing were awarded cash prizes according to the weight of the catch. The Dhow Ijmaa whose catch weighed 32kg fish received 75,000ksh, The Dhow Maleysia whose catch weighed 16kg fish received 60,000ksh and The Dhow Munawar which came in third with a 15kg catch received 50,000ksh. In addition the Dhow Mumtaz whose total catch weighed 121kg received 20,000ksh.

In the finesse fishing category, the first three were Taadhima with 11.5kg receiving 70,000ksh, Rayyan with 8.5kgs receiving 60,000ksh and ya-fattah with 8kg receiving 45,000ksh respectively, and Lady nana whose total catch weighed 168kg received 25,000ksh.

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