Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Communicating Our Results and Outputs

Cmm resultsThe Council of Governors held a meeting dubbed “Communicating Our Results and Outputs” which saw Excellency Governors, County Executive Committee Members of different dockets, County Secretaries and Communication Directors meeting to discuss the milestones that County Governments have covered.

The meeting had members of the fourth estate, explain how County Governments have used their resources and how much difference the common mwananchi has been since the inception of Devolution. Counties reported improvement in Health services and facilities, improvement in transport and roads, increased chances of job opportunities because of availability of free ICT centers and WIFI, better education facilities for the ECDE children and Polytechnics, proper staffing in the Public Service. Counties have also gotten investors both nationally and internationally who are will to improve the Trade Sector in the Counties and so much more.
It is also during this meeting that the Chairman of the Council of Governors, H.E Peter Munya launched the Devolution Torch and the Peace Caravan that will be passed from one county to another. As the torch will be passed to a county, the county will have a chance to show case some of the projects that they’ve been in able to achieve in the different sector, they will have live media courage as the caravan will be touring different parts of the county hosting the torch, this will also be a time when the county can show case their tourism catchment areas, some of the trade products the county is known for.
2017 being an election year, the peace caravan will give chance to the Governors and other county officials to preach peace in the county. The first County to receive the Devolution Torch is Kisumu County

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