About The Council of Governors

The Council of County Governors (COG) is a non-partisan organization established under Section 19 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act (IGRA 2012). The Council of Governors  comprises of the Governors of the forty-seven Counties. main functions are the promotion of visionary leadership; sharing of best practices and; offer a collective voice on policy issues; promote inter – county consultations; encourage and initiate information sharing on the performance of County Governments with regard to the execution of their functions; collective consultation on matters of interest to County Governments.

What We Do

COG provides a mechanism for consultation amongst County Governments, share information on performance of the counties in execution of their functions, facilitate capacity building for Governors, and consider reports from other intergovernmental forums on national and county interests amongst other functions (Section 20).

Our Mission

Benchmark of excellence in devolution that is non-partisan; providing a supporting pillar for County Government as a platform for consultation, information sharing,capacity building, performance management  and dispute resolution.

Our Vision

To have Prosperous and Democratic Counties delivering services to every Kenyan

COG Congratulates H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

On behalf of Council of Governors and 47 County Governments, I wish to congratulate President-Elect H.E Hon. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta on your re-election to serve the Republic of Kenya for a period of five years. The Council of Governors is looking forward to working with your Government in ensuring that Devolution gains attained in the last four years are protected and adequate resources are allocated to County Governments to continue transforming the lives of Kenyans. The Council of Governors wishes your administration success.

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Latest News Highlights

The Council of Governors will host the 3rd Annual County Executives Conference on the 22nd-23rd February 2016 in Mombasa County.The Conference aims to facilitate constructive dialogue to foster cooperation among Counties and share best practices on the various sectors. It also aims to deliberate on win-win solutions for poverty reduction, livelihoods improvement and environmental sustainability.

The participants will seek to identify opportunities for technical cooperation in strengthening institutional capacity for devolution to achieve the critical goal of empowerment through shared intergovernmental systems and discuss challenges arising from implementation of devolution laws over the transition period and suggest the way forward.The County Executives from all 47 Counties, National Government Officials, Commissions and Independent Offices, Development partners, Private Sector and other stakeholders in devolution are attending the conference.

This year’s overall theme is ‘Celebrating Devolution’

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Latest News from the Counties


Published: December 04, 2017
Health and Sanitation County Executive Member (CEC) Jane Ajele has said that the county government will be focusing on how to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth as they are have deemed to be most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Speaking during the World Aids Day - celebrated...

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