Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Audit of National and County Policy and Legislation

roundtableThe Council of Governors in conjunction with the Kenya Law Reform Commission organised a donor roundtable for various key stakeholders to discuss a project that will carry out a legal audit of national and county legislation and policy.
The objectives of the exercise will be an audit of County policy and legislation with a view to analysing their compliance with the constitution,

examining the extent to which they conform to the devolved system of governance. The exercise will also identify gaps and challenges in the above with a view to propose remedies available for harmonization and alignment.
The audit shall focus on 12 key thematic areas, selected as per the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and areas which have been identified as most in need of immediate reforms. They include Public Finance Management, Agriculture, Health Services, cultural activities and public entertainment, transport, infrastructure and public works, trade and investment, land housing and Physical planning, education, disaster management, natural resource management (water, forestry and mining), public participation and civic education and energy.
The audit will be carried out in the following phases: the inception phase, data collection, validation, submission and launch of findings. It will be managed by a technical team comprising of representatives from various stakeholders including Council of Governors, Kenya Law Reform Commission, USAID and AHADI.
The roundtable that was held at the Council offices was well attended by representatives from AHADI, United Nations Development Programme, UN Women, World Bank, European Union, FIDA, Katiba Kenya, Kenya Law Reform Commission and USAID attending the meeting.
The CEO of the Council of Governors Ms Jacqueline Mogeni opened the session by stating that thro the past four and a half years the county and national governments have had overlapping functions with the national government failing to devolve certain functions to the County governments despite a constitutional requirement to do so.
She emphasised that the audit will play a crucial role in ensuring that the devolution process will be smoother and more efficient for both levels of government in future. The aim of the meeting was to engage the various stakeholders in a discussion as to how they can partner with the Council and the Law Reform Commission to ensure that the audit is successful and insightful and that the findings can be implemented for the advancement of devolution in Kenya.
She also alluded that this will pave way for an easy transition for the next batch of County Governments that will take office after the next general elections scheduled for August 2017.


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