Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Land, Planning and Urban Development Committee Consultative Meeting on the National addressing System

national address systemThe Council of Governors in conjunction with the Communications Authority organised a stakeholders’ forum to review the National Addressing System (NAS) Policy. NAS is a framework that provides for among other things naming/numbering of streets, numbering of properties/parcels of land and or buildings to facilitate the identification and location of a parcel or dwelling on the ground.

It also involves the development of digitized maps for use in the management of settlements and urban communities. The maps with the information thereon can be developed into Geographical Information System (GIS) as a database. The meeting gathered County Executive Committee member and Directors Urban Planning and Development. The Assistant Director, Postal Licensing and Compliance at the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), Mr. Martin Ngesa, while addressing the meeting lauded County Governments for their support in the development of the National Addressing System. He intimated that the National Addressing System seeks to address the challenges of the rate of urbanization and rapid population growth for economic and social development. He called upon counties to draw interest in proposed property/road numbering and naming standards, the proposed County Addressing Unit (CAU) and various roles assigned to different institutions.

The Secretary CEC’s Caucus for Land, Planning and Urban Development Mrs. Sarah Masaki who is also the CEC for Muranga County, noted that NAS is timely as it will be useful to Counties in the development of spatial plans and zoning as well as controlling development. She also emphasised on the need for a multi sectoral approach towards development of the policy and at end the input from all the necessary counties to facilitate implementation.

Mr. James Naikuni who is supporting CA to develop the NAS noted that Kenya has in place naming standards that have not been implemented up to date due to various challenges which could be addressed through the proposed NAS framework. NAS will ensure there is consistency and conformity of addresses across all counties.

It is envisioned that counties will establish County Addressing Units with clear mandates to champion the implementation and enforcement of the standards. The Council of Governors will ensure that counties are aligned of the Vision 2030 and standardization in terms of national addressing. Data has to be standard and therefore a strategy will be developed to ensure clear timelines, with specific activities to actualize this.

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