Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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National Addressing System for Economic Prosperity

Nat Add SystemThe Council of Governors alongside Regulators and Policy makers from various countries participated in a ten day workshop on National Addressing System and National Development organized by the African Advanced Level Telecommunication Institute (AFRALTI) in Kampala, Uganda. The workshop that ran from the 12th to 23rd of June, mainly focused on providing participants with sufficient information on the overall scope of the National Addressing System and how to deploy, regulate and manage the system and its policy framework in any country.

The National Addressing System (NAS) is a framework that addresses key components among them being: Parent (Primary) addressing, Child (Secondary) addressing, postcode system and road signage and how they relate to national development, emergency, security, finance and postal/courier services.
In addition, the addressing system provides for the development of digitized maps which are to be used in the management of settlements and urban communities and once complete, the information gathered, will thereon be developed into a Geographical Information System (GIS) and stored in form of a database.
Back in Kenya, The Council of Governors in partnership with the Communications Authority (CA) and other stakeholders are in the process of developing a National Addressing system for the country.
Being a member of the National Steering Committee on National Addressing System, CoG was called upon to ensure that the 47 counties are envisioned in establishing County Addressing Units with a clear mandate to champion the implementation and enforcement of the standards in accordance to Vision 2030.
Some of the additional features proposed during the workshop in regards to the addressing system included clear naming and addressing of roads to minimize duplication while porting the data to a certified addressing systems and database management software.

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