Thursday, August 17, 2017
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COG Secretariat undertakes Gender Audit towards developing its Gender Policy


The Council of Governors through its Strategic Plan 2017-2022 identified Key Performance Area (KPA) 4: Building a Strong Council of Governors, as one of the strategies for achieving its mandate. This will be done by developing and enforcing policies and procedures for creating a conducive work environment. As part of this endeavour, COG is in the process of developing a gender policy to guide the organisation in enhancing gender responsiveness in its operations.

The process of developing the gender policy is underway, and involves the following three steps:
1. Gender Audit
The gender audit process is currently underway. This is a self-reflection process that involves confirming the extent to which the organisation’s systems, policies, programmes and practices demonstrate responsiveness to gender issues, concerns and considerations. The gender audit is a structured consultation that captures the views of both internal stakeholders (COG employees and interns) as well as external stakeholders, including development partners and venders. Outcome of the audit serve as the main input for developing the gender policy.

2. Gender training
Once the audit is finalized, a training will be conducted to strengthen the capacity of COG staff to address knowledge gaps identified during the gender audit through a targeted capacity building intervention.

3. Gender policy development
With the support of gender experts, the organization will develop a gender policy that will support the organisation to fully mainstream gender responsiveness internally (in the Secretariat) while in the course of advancing devolution in the counties.

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