Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Energy, Roads and Infrastructure Committee Internship Opportunity

Court of arms



  1. Background

The Council of Governors is established under Section 19 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act 2012 with the mandate to provide a mechanism for consultation amongst County Governments, share information on performance of the counties in execution of their functions, facilitate capacity building for governors, and consider reports from other intergovernmental forums on national and county interests amongst other functions (Section20).  The Council operates under Thematic Committees which define engagement with The National Government agencies and other stakeholders.

  1. Objective of the assignment

The officer’s function is to help fulfil the Council of Governors Energy, Roads and Transport Committee functions provided in its Terms of Reference.

  1. Tasks

The intern shall work under the direct supervision of the Committee clerk and carry out all functions as specified in this ToR.

  • Coordination of  intra and inter agency and governmental consultations on Energy sector issues, including existing and evolving energy policies, legislation, regulations and programmes.
  • Coordination and harmonisation of CoG views and perspectives on energy and infrastructure matters
  • Providing technical assistance in terms of information, research, policy analysis, and resource development for county governments across a range of policy issues targeting the development of transport infrastructure for increased accessibility of all parts of the country.
  • Establishment of an effective research and knowledge management platform for sharing best practices in the sector in comparison to other jurisdictions to enhance improved service delivery
  • Review legislation and policies affecting the sector and making proposals for the benefit of the Counties interests, to be done in close collaboration with stakeholders in the sector
  • Report on progress and achievements to the Council of governors
  •  Maintain and provide access to statutory registers of the supervisor.
  • Undertake any other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Providing a framework for the review and mainstreaming development partners engagement and support to county governments on energy provision and management issues 

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