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Kenya has the largest, most diversified economy in East Africa. Agriculture is the backbone of this economy and central to the Government of Kenya’s development strategy. In fact, more than 75 percent of Kenyans make some part of their living in agriculture and the sector accounts for more than half of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).It however comes with immense challenges.

In remote rural areas in many parts of the country, smallholder farmers lack the choices or implementation capacity to consistently produce enough food to feed their families. They live in extreme poverty. Rural farmers often use low-yielding saved seed instead of high-yielding hybrid seed and can seldom afford fertilizer for planting and top dressing.  Rural farmers often lack proper training on crop disease management, for example how to prevent and treat infestation, which threatens a farmer’s output.

Farmers in isolated areas often do not have reliable access to markets where they can sell their surplus crops at a fair value.

Since its inception one year ago Mandera County Government Agricultural sector has shown tremendous improvement .The county government has so far fully revived and operationalized three irrigation schemes that have been dead for decades. In addition, the county government has in the first one year provided enough farm subsidies to farmers and further managed to convince them to return back to their farms. The county government purchased four new tractors and distributed over 100 water pumps. Several water canals have been constructed for irrigation and three demonstration farms operationalized. The County Government has also commissioned several studies to generally improve Agriculture in the county.

In the current financial year 2014-2015 the county government is setting up a fully operational fruit processing factory in the county. This is due to availability of seasonal fruits like mango, guava and water melon that usually go to waste due to poor storage, processing and value addition. The production will be market oriented for increased sales and increased production.

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Published: December 04, 2017
Health and Sanitation County Executive Member (CEC) Jane Ajele has said that the county government will be focusing on how to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth as they are have deemed to be most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Speaking during the World Aids Day - celebrated...

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