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Infrastructure is an essential system that supports a community, region or country. Mandera’s infrastructure is non-existent, a factor impending socioeconomic and social growth. In a sovereign state that has been independent for 50 years there is no single tarmac road in the County which is inconceivable.  According to the data from the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) on the roads network in Mandera, there is bitumen road, gravel surface roads are 470 KMs earth surface roads 2,083KM.

These statistics must change for Mandera to change its story. The National Government had promised to carpet 200KM per financial  year but  allocated Mandera 20Km in the financial  year 2014/2015  which means it will take 40 years to carpet the whole county.  The county leaders from the Governor H.E. Capt. Ali Roba, Senator Hon. Billow Kerrow, and Mandera West MP Hon. Mohamed Mohamud are up in arms for the renegation of the promises made by the Jubilee Government.

There are locals who have no idea what a tarmac road looks like since all they have grown to know is rugged murram roads. Mr. Abdi Maalim a businessman who transports consumer goods from Nairobi  to Mandera which is almost 1,000Km said that the time taken on the road is two days and the wear and tear of his tracks is equally high. With the tarmacking of the road this means the time spent on the road will be less which translates to making more trips and transportation of more goods. The cost of car maintenance will drastically go lower and hence increase the profits. 

In order to improve the road network, the County Government has constructed 550Kms of dirt road to all weather murram road built over 40 drifts in areas previously considered impassable. It has further commissioned 24.5KMs of the first ever tarmac road in Mandera town whose construction is ongoing. This made possible by only devolution 

The County Assembly, County Headquarters, Governor’s Residence, Moi Stadium and the County five star hotel are all at advanced stage of construction.  All credit goes to devolved system of government that has brought services and exploitation of the resources close to the citizens of Mandera County.

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Published: December 04, 2017
Health and Sanitation County Executive Member (CEC) Jane Ajele has said that the county government will be focusing on how to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth as they are have deemed to be most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Speaking during the World Aids Day - celebrated...

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