Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Court of arms


The Council of Governors is established under Section 19 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act 2012 and is mandated to provide a mechanism for consultation amongst County Governments and share information on performance of the counties in execution of their functions among other functions (Section20).
The Council of Governors is charged with the mandate of information sharing across all counties regarding implementation of devolution.
The Council of Governors has begun the process of establishing a best practice centre to support in the implementation of the specific mandate of sharing best practices.
The Best Practice Centre will be a multi-sectoral multi-stakeholder source of information for innovative practices implemented by counties and borrows from other external/international experiences for documentation, learning and sharing.
It is for this purpose that COG is recruiting a Best Practice, Knowledge and Documentation Intern.
The objective of this position is to review, identify, collate, analyze, synthesize and document lessons learnt, experiences and best practices in the implementation of devolution on the ground in Kenya.

Description of tasks:
Under the direct supervision of Director Programmes, Council of Governors and the responsible officer for the unit the intern will undertake the following tasks:
• Develop a knowledge management action plan and that will address the counties’ operational learning needs and help the COG identify, capture and share lessons with counties and various stakeholders.
• Assess, report on, and promote innovative practice with a view to service improvement, establishment of new standards, and promotion of learning along the Council of Governors Sectoral Committees.
• Serve as the point of contact for both the promotion of knowledge sharing activities; and, for the sharing of operational knowledge within COG, as well as among County Governments
• Promote the active use throughout the counties of the knowledge sharing systems, tools and guiding principles.
• Promote the integration of lessons learned, best practices and other operational knowledge into work processes, guidance and planning scenarios.
• Produce, collect, store and disseminate best practice materials originating in the counties.
• Prepare and share County Executive’s syntheses of lessons learned and recommendations documented in the COG’s Best Practices Toolbox reports.
• Organize follow-up action as required on studies undertaken, seminars or workshops on counties’ specific best practices and lessons learned activities.
• Liaise with national and international organizations and academic institutions on all issues related to knowledge management, and assist in the organization of inter-governmental policy consultation.
• Provide other learning, research, policy and guidance services to the Council.
• Perform other duties as required;
Furthermore, the intern is encouraged to:


• Bachelor’s degree in social studies or humanities related field especially socio economics, development studies, policy research and analysis or a related discipline
• Experience with successfully managing and completing responsibilities related to government programs.
• Experience with leading and communicating change management initiatives to diverse audiences is desired.
• Experience in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis
• Knowledge and experience in data analysis software
• Thematic research experiences in different studies: cross-sectional, comparative and cohort studies.
The contract duration is three months with a possibility of extension, subject to performance and availability of funds.
All Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, copies of ID, certificates and testimonials to

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