Intergovernmental Relations Committee


This Committee deals with all matters relating to the relationship between one County Government and another County Government and the National Government and County Governments; dispute resolution between the two levels of government and amongst the County Governments; and engagements with other intergovernmental relations bodies.

This involves:

  • Creating sustainable linkages between the Counties and between the National Government and the County Governments that provide opportunity for vibrant intergovernmental consultation and cooperation.
  • Providing a linkage between County Governments and international associations and bodies to promote best practice and information sharing on matters related to devolution.
  • Providing a platform for dispute resolution between Counties.
  • Considering reports from other inter-governmental institutions.
  • Monitoring the implementation of Council resolutions through the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC)


Legal Framework

The primary source of legislation of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee activities is the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The other key sources of legislation include:

  • The County Government Act, 2012
  • The Intergovernmental Relations Act, 2012


Approach to undertaking Committee’s business

The committee functions through: -

  • Inter-county forums
  • Intergovernmental (national to county) forums and engagements with international bodies.


Opportunities that the Committee Offers

The committee offers a platform for consultation, sharing of best practices, experience, and learning through capacity building opportunities (workshops/seminars) for Counties.


Our impact/ Key Achievements:

  • Memorandums of understanding signed between CoG and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR); between CoG and AMREF
  • Participation of CoG in international fora- Conference of Parties COP 21, East Africa Chamber of Commerce, World Health Assembly, Commission on Status of Women,



The committee develops and maintains a variety of resources including: -

  • Publications
  • Intergovernmental sector reports


Current Sector Challenges

  • Lack of a policy/legal framework for alternative dispute resolution.
  • Lack of a policy/ legal framework for intergovernmental coordination


Key lessons from the Committees cycle (2013-2017).

  • Need for the structuring of intergovernmental sector forums for the County Executive Committee Members.
  • Need to develop an advocacy and lobbying strategy


Priorities and support required from Committee leadership from September, 2017

  • Provide strategic guidance to the Committee activities
  • Assist the Committee in developing the advocacy strategy


Latest News from the Counties


Published: December 04, 2017
Health and Sanitation County Executive Member (CEC) Jane Ajele has said that the county government will be focusing on how to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth as they are have deemed to be most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Speaking during the World Aids Day - celebrated...

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