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Turkana CountyHealth and Sanitation County Executive Member (CEC) Jane Ajele has said that the county government will be focusing on how to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth as they are have deemed to be most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Speaking during the World Aids Day - celebrated every 1st December, CEC Ajele stated that the county was aware of the difficulties in reaching out to the youth, but it would not be deterred in striving to get to “Zero new infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths” (UNAIDS vision). “HIV and AIDS among adolescents is driven by vulnerability caused by lack of opportunities. These opportunities relate to access to education and socio-economic empowerment. Certain traditions, especially those which lead to marginalization of certain groups as well as lack of information, contribute significantly to the burden. The County Government of Turkana is alive to this fact and is doing all it can to arrest the situation,” she said.
According to UNAIDS, HIV and AIDS is the second highest cause of death among adolescents globally. What is of concern is that the infection rate is higher among the young people under 24 years of age, thus posing a threat to future generations.
In the last five years, Turkana County has been able to consistently record decreasing HIV prevalence rates culminating in the current lowest of 4% from 7.6% (Kenya HIV estimates 2015). Of significance is the reduction of new HIV infections from 1,544 to 493, AIDS related deaths reduced from 2,538 to 769 and 7,000 clients accessing Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). Thus far, approximately 7,000 people in the county are living with HIV which presents unique challenges among them lack of food or a balanced diet especially those under ART. Dr Joseph Epem, Promotive and Preventive Health Director, said that the ministry will be budgeting for food and other nutritional commodities in the coming financial year.
The county marked the day in Lokichar Town, Turkana South Sub-county with the following partners; AHF Kenya, NACC_Kenya, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and International Rescue Committee

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