About The Council of Governors

The Council of County Governors (COG) is a non-partisan organization established under Section 19 of the Intergovernmental Relations Act (IGRA 2012). The Council of Governors  comprises of the Governors of the forty-seven Counties. main functions are the promotion of visionary leadership; sharing of best practices and; offer a collective voice on policy issues; promote inter – county consultations; encourage and initiate information sharing on the performance of County Governments with regard to the execution of their functions; collective consultation on matters of interest to County Governments.

What We Do

COG provides a mechanism for consultation amongst County Governments, share information on performance of the counties in execution of their functions, facilitate capacity building for Governors, and consider reports from other intergovernmental forums on national and county interests amongst other functions (Section 20).

Our Mission

Benchmark of excellence in devolution that is non-partisan; providing a supporting pillar for County Government as a platform for consultation, information sharing,capacity building, performance management  and dispute resolution.

Our Vision

To have Prosperous and Democratic Counties delivering services to every Kenyan

Remarks by H.E. Hon. FCPA Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya after his re-election on 20th January, 2020

Chairman CoG2019

Excellency Governors present,

Speaker of the Senate,
Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Devolution and ASAL,
The Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court,
Honorable Senators,
High Commissioners and Ambassadors,
Development Partners
Representatives from the Private Sector,
Distinguished Guests,

Good Afternoon!

1. Today marks the beginning of another chapter for the Council of Governors. Let me convey a heartfelt thank you to all the Excellency Governors for their support in the last one year. I stand here proud of what we have achieved. On my part it has been a privilege, an honor and a humbling experience, to serve as a Chairman of the Council of Governors.

2. The Council remains a key pillar in the implementation of the devolved system of governance. For this reason, we the Governors are aware that it is our dedication and teamwork that will continue to strengthen the place of the Council in this constitutional dispensation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

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Latest News Highlights

Central E BlocThe future of devolution and regional development lies in Regional Economic Blocks, His Excellency Governor Francis Kimemia has said.
Speaking when he chaired the Central Kenya Economic Block (CEKEB) stakeholders’ meeting this afternoon, Governor Kimemia reminded participants that CEKEB’s place in Kenya’s economy and contribution to the GDP, leading at 26.3%, should help leverage its national position and propel it to accelerated development.
“These blocs belong to the people, and they are solely intended to uplift the wellbeing of the people within the region. The time to actualize the bloc’s objectives, and implement the agenda, is now. Thankfully, resources from national government and external partners are available; and our place in the country’s economy gives us a better leverage to negotiate and also create synergy,” Governor Kimemia, who is also the chairman of the ten-county bloc, added.
CEKEB is the regional economic bloc bringing together ten counties drawn from the larger Mount Kenya region: Embu, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Laikipia, Nakuru, Nyandarua, Nyeri, Meru, Murang’a and Tharaka Nithi.
Further, CEKEB’s national contribution through agriculture, Kenya's mainl economic activity stands at 35%, highest than any other bloc in the country.
Some of the issues discussed included the bloc’s partnership agreement, structure of the secretariat and the economic blueprint.
Calling on the bloc partners to fast-track the process of implementation, Kirinyaga Governor Her Excellency Ann Waiguru asked the member counties to commit more resources to the bloc to ensure citizens enjoy the fruits of integration.
“Let us now commit resources and move with speed to tap into the goodwill shown by our people on the ground. As a people-driven bloc, the objectives dovetail into our individual and regional aspiration; the time to move is now,” she added.
The gathering resolved to hold a Summit meeting of all Governors in the coming week and finalize on the structures and other attendant agreements.
Accompanying the two Governors were Deputy Governors Hon. Peter Ndambiri (Kirinyaga), Hon. David Kariuki (Embu) and Hon. Titus Ntuchiu (Meru). Others were County Executive Committee Members of Finance from the ten counties led by Hon. Mary Mugwanja (Nyandarua County).

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Board of Directors led by its Chairman Prof. Philip Kaloki on 23rd May 2019 met with Nyandarua County Government officials to seek ways of strengthening and enhancing the partnership between the two institutions.
Prof. Kaloki thanked the County Government for the support it has extended towards KMTC’s Nyandarua Campus since inception.
He said 30 per cent of admission slots to the campus are reserved for qualified students from the County.
The campus has set up an admission desk to assist interested applicants with the online application process.
County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Development Hon. Mary Mugwanja, who represented His Excellency Governor Francis Kimemia, said Nyandarua appreciates and will continue strengthening its partnership with KMTC.
Issues discussed included:
1. Notice to KMTC to vacate Ward Four at the JM Kariuki Memorial Hospital so as to decongest the maternity and newborns’ unit - Prof. Kaloki requested for a 16-18 months extension of the notice, effective yesterday, to allow for procurement and construction of new units at KMTC, and for a smooth transition. KMTC has an approved budget to undertake the expansion.
2. Recall of seasoned KMTC lecturers – The Department of Health Services recalled six seconded lecturers from the institution, following determination of a procedural irregularity in secondment that happened in 2014 and 2016 as pointed out by the County Public Service Board (CPSB). Prof. Kaloki requested for extension of time to allow for recruitment of lecturers, especially now that the institution is conducting examinations. On its part, KMTC has offered to absorb the lecturers. Prof. Kaloki requested the County Government to consider approving the offer. The lecturers are now expected to report to the Department of Health Services on May 27, 2019 and proceed on annual leave as the County Government engages the CPSB to negotiate for extension. In the meantime, KMTC is expected to proceed with advertisement of vacancies.
3. Water supply to KMTC – It was agreed that the institution will immediately have independent water supply and cease to depend on JM Kariuki Memorial Hospital.
4. Negotiation and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the County Government of Nyandarua and KMTC – His Excellency the Governor will set up a date.
Hon. Mugwanja was accompanied by her counterparts Hon. (Dr.) John Mungai (Health Services) and Hon. (Eng.) Mbataru Kariuki, alongside acting Chief Officer for Health Services Dr. Joram Muraya, among other senior County Government officials.
The KMTC delegation included Eng. David Muthoga (Vice-Chairman), Prof. Michael Kiptoo (Chief Executive Officer), Mithamo Muchiri (board member), Dr. Miriam Muthoka (Corporation Secretary), Mrs. Nancy Michire (Deputy Director for Academics), Dr. Lucy Waweru (Academic Registrar) and Ronald Wasike (Nyandarua KMTC Principal).

Embu County Government keen on Industrialisation
The industrial sector in the county has the potential to contribute significantly to the economy by creating jobs, stimulating the development of other sectors like agriculture and services, increasing foreign exchange earnings, and modernising the lives of people.
To address the challenges of industrial development, the department of Trade, Tourism, Investment and Industrialization under the leadership of Mr. David Kariuki is working towards creation of an effective policy coordination framework geared towards eliminating constraints to growth and enterprise upgrading at County and national level.
These efforts will also facilitate the identification of leverage elements that can be harnessed to accelerate the industrialisation process in the county.
The department has been working towards stimulating Industrial technological activities to create employment and eradicate poverty. This has been done using the following strategies;-
Capacity building
The department has held trainings to empower the SMEs at the County. This focuses on value addition in Agri-business including tea, coffee, macadamia, honey, fruits, bananas, vegetables among others.
The County has engaged smart partners like Kenya Institute of Business Training KIBT. Y-GAP and JICA who have trained SMEs through their One Village One Product initiative. Over three hundred establishments and individuals have been trained.
Investment Promotion
Investment promotion activities have taken place in the County and investment opportunities identified. In 2013, the 1st Investors Conference was held where over 300 investors attended. Further in 2018, the 2nd Investors conference was held with over 500 investors in attendance. The department is pursuing the potential investors that showed interest in the opportunities presented.

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