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Devolution Study Group (DSG) Dialogue Series on Anti-Corruption Measures

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The Council of Governors, with the support of USAID-AHADI (through USAID and UKaid) convened the very first Devolution Study Group (DSG) Series in April 2019. The objective was to discuss Effects of Corruption, Challenges and Energizing the Momentum in the Fight Against Corruption in Kenya. The forum served to support the anti-corruption agenda that is spearheaded by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, and to identify areas for collaboration between both levels of government in strengthening anti-corruption measures.

The Session was guided by the Chatham House Rules that provide safe space for open but candid dialogue and confidentiality. At the end of the Session, stakeholders strongly recommended to convene a high-level dialogue session between Excellency Governors, National government institutions, Private Sector and Civil Society and have candid dialogue on challenges as well as collaborative actions for corruption prevention.
Highlights of challenges, proposed actions and recommendations:
1.Effects of Corruption on devolution and Service Delivery
Devolution was meant to give more and better services to the people. However, corruption denies citizens quality services now, and compromises delivery of such services in future as well.

2.Challenges of fight against corruption include (but are not limited to): Capacity challenges including through change of Officers after elections, causing lack of continuity and loopholes for corruption; Impunity, where the corrupt commit crimes without any sanctions; Inadequate implementation of Audit Recommendations; Inadequate intergovernmental collaboration to seal loopholes for corruption and minimize wastage; Inadequate information to the public and lastly; Counties spreading themselves too thinly, implementing numerous projects with little impact.

3.Some Actions for Energizing the momentum for fighting corruption include: Imposing sanctions to individuals and institutions found to be propagating corruption; Strengthening public procurement processes; focusing on and investing in proactive corruption prevention; Strengthening public participation mechanisms, including approval of projects by Community Committees; Building capacity of County structures including Internal Audit Departments, Internal Audit Committees, Budget and Economic Forums, County Budget Committees and Capacity for Corruption Risk Assessment and Corruption Root-Cause Analysis; Automating systems, processes and services; Investing in transforming the culture that promotes corruption; Collaboration between Office of Auditor General, Community Committees (Project Management Committees) and Civil Society; Critically examining and enhancing role of Professional bodies in the fight against corruption and; Protecting Whistle Blowers innovatively.

4.Next Steps and Recommendations agreed by stakeholders include:
i)Convene a high-level dialogue session between Excellency Governors, National government institutions, Private Sector and Civil Society and have candid dialogue on challenges as well as collaborative actions for corruption prevention.
ii)Consider convening a similar dialogue session for half-a day, since it is an issue of national importance.
iii)Examine hoe intergovernmental collaboration can minimize corruption and wastage of public resources.
iv)Convene sessions dedicated to learning from and tapping services of anti-corruption institutions (and stakeholders).
v)Policy action to ensure continuity of County Services during and beyond political transitions, especially general elections.

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