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Council of Governors continues to support Counties in their activities and implementation of functions as mandated by the Constitution.
On 17th – 19th June 2019, Council of Governors Trade committee held a meeting with CECs, Directors and Chief Officers in charge of Trade, Investment, Manufacturing and Cooperatives at the Council of Governors offices in Nairobi County, Westlands. This was the last meeting by the sector for the 2018/19 Financial Year. The meeting was purposely to discuss matters and issues surrounding the sector, share good practices in the Counties, challenges faced in the year and agree and identify County needs in the 2019/20 Financial Year.
Some of the key issues arising from the three day meeting were the weight and measures functions, delay in transfer of Joint Loans Board assets to counties, ease of doing business in countries, gaps in counties between production and markets. The disconnect between production and markets has resulted to production of low standard goods and challenges in accessing markets, friction between County Governments’ and National Government officers. The Trade sector has been faced by a myriad of challenges ranging from facilitation of SMEs, lack of County Legislations in Trade and Cooperatives hence limiting Trade development and regulations in the Counties, Upscale of training on PPP screening, difference in naming of departments in counties, strengthening of intergovernmental relations in Trade, Cooperative Accounts still being registered using the pre- devolution Act as well as betting and gaming that is largely affecting the youth in counties.

Actions from the meeting, the CECs, Directors and Chief Officers agreed that:-
1.Council should review and develop proposed amendments to the sector legislations for validation and subsequent submission to Senate for enactment,
2.The CECs, COs and Directors will henceforth meet quarterly to discuss progress of implementation of the Trade and Cooperatives function,
3.Chief Officers in Charge of Trade to review the Weights and Measures Act to conform to the CoK, 2010 to include among other things give powers to County Governments to gazette Inspectors,
4.The Council shall review the Gaming Bill before Parliament and share the Memorandum with County Governments for input,
5.The Council shall ensure autonomy of the Counties with regards to development of the Cooperatives function,
6.The Council of Governors Trade and Legal Committees to support County Governments in developing County Trade Acts to help them in trade development and facilitation, ,
7.The Council to engage IGRTC and State Department of Trade to expedite the transfer and verification of Joint Loans Board Fund within the next three months
8.The Council Trade Committee to engage the Council Agriculture Committee on how to bridge the gap that exist between produce and market linkages in value addition projects like NARIG.

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