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Learning is a continuous process. Every single day comes with new experience. Learning gets better when teams from different abodes learn from each other. On Wednesday the 5th of February 2020, the Council of Governors hosted a delegation of government officials from the Nepal government. The delegation was visiting Kenya for the south to south knowledge exchange program. Mr. Arjun Prasad Pokharel, Secretary Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Province 4, Gandaki Pradesh led the officials who sought to experience Kenya’s Governance structure. As part of its efforts to strengthen capacity, the government of Nepal initiated a learning program for its officials and key stakeholders which includes study tours to targeted countries. Kenya is the second country they are visiting after Brazil.
The main objective of the visit was to learn the devolution structure in Kenya, to enable them better and fully transition into a federal, democratic republican state after the adoption of a new Constitution in 2015 that proposed a three tier government. Council of Governors CEO Ms. Jacqueline Mogeni welcomed the delegation and lauded their initiative to come and learn Kenya’s devolution model. “Devolution is one of the most transformative changes in the history of Kenya and is different for every other country. Ours is definitely not the same as Nepal’s or India’s and therefore we are glad that you could take your time to come and learn our style of devolution and we would be happy to learn from you too,” said Ms. Mogeni.
“We are grateful for the warm welcome. My team and I are so delighted to learn how you go about your devolution story. We are particularly interested in learning the administration, finance and dispute resolution aspects as well any other additional information,” said Mr. Arjun Prasad Pokharel on his part.
The CEO Council of Governors presented on the role and structure of the council. She also mentioned the role of the other intergovernmental bodies including the Summit, IGRTC and IBEC putting great emphasis on the fact that the Council works in collaboration with these bodies as well as the National Government and other stakeholders to make the devolution story a success and move the country forward.
The presentation on public finance management captured the aspect of the vertical and horizontal fiscal transfer of money to County Governments. The delegation also learnt about the three sources of the Counties’ revenue - Equitable Share, Own Source Revenue and the Conditional Grants.
On dispute resolution, one of the Council’s mandate is dispute resolution between Counties and therefore the Council has been able to support the Counties through the Legal and Intergovernmental Relations Committee at the Council. The delegation equally learnt a lot on natural resource management by County Governments with some of the notable challenges being the formula for sharing natural resources and National Government still holding on to some of the devolved natural resource management functions.
It would not be a learning experience if the Nepalese delegation didn’t also share their experience. The Council of Governors got to understand their mode of governance and especially the manner in which they execute their technical, political and their administrative functions. The delegation also visited the National Treasury, Ministry of Devolution and ASAL, Commission on Revenue Allocation, Office of the Controller of Budget, Office of the Auditor General, Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee, County Assemblies Forum among other institutions.

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