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For an institution to truly thrive, all employees need to work in collaboration and cooperation with each other recognizing that each individual contributes towards the achievement of a common goal – the vision and mission of the organization. In view of the need to foster cohesiveness and cooperation among the Council of Governors secretariat, a knowledge-sharing initiative dubbed the ‘Departmental Switch’ was undertaken on Thursday, 14th April 2022. The activity sought to enable members of staff to learn, understand and appreciate the connectivity, functions, and importance of each department.

Whereas individual employees may have extensive knowledge and skills in their area of expertise, what happens when they become a fish out of water for a day? How do they maneuver around new unchartered territories they may have presumed were a walk in the park? Through the ‘Departmental Switch’, members of staff were able to step outside their comfort zones and experience working in different departments. One member of staff was retained in each unit to help the new team members familiarize themselves with the daily operations of the department.

“Procurement is no Joke. They have heaps of workload to be finalized by us,” said Ms. Mary Mwiti, CEO, Council of Governors, who was the acting Head of Procurement for the day. Similarly, Mr. James Kamau, who assumed the office of the CEO in this activity, got a glimpse of the day-to-day activities of a CEO. Keeping in mind the immense responsibilities that come with the office and the vital role the CEO plays in providing overall guidance and strategic direction in an institution, this is no easy task. However, Mr. Kamau was up to the challenge.

As members of staff went about their duties in the new departments, they shared real-time experiences highlighting the successes and challenges encountered in their interactions and execution of tasks. Adorned with his chef hat and apron, Mr. James Wachira, the head of the ICT unit, joined Ms. Evelyn Bii in the Kitchen department. He made his rounds meticulously while taking down orders and happily served all members of staff. Though there were a few hiccups along the way, most members of staff applauded Mr. Wachira for proudly embracing and executing his role.

The experiences acquired through the departmental switch activity play a key role in enabling employees better understand and appreciate what happens in other departments as well as gain a holistic view of the organization.

Further, it will enable the employees to unlock their gifts and talents since they get to experience the operations of another department.

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