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Agriculture has always been the lifeblood of Kenya's economy, providing sustenance and livelihoods for millions. In the face of climate change and evolving global markets, innovation and adaptation are essential.
The Council of Governors Agriculture committee organized an induction workshop for Chief Officers responsible for Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperatives, and the Blue Economy at Pride Inn Paradise in Mombasa County from October 17th to 19th, 2023. This capacity-building workshop was presided over by H.E. RT Hon Kenneth Lusaka, the Governor of Bungoma County and Chairperson of the COG Agriculture, Livestock, and Cooperatives Committee. The meeting aimed to explore and discuss strategies for advancing County Agriculture Transformation and the critical role of County Chief Officers in fostering climate-resilient agriculture and ensuring global competitiveness for Kenya's farming communities.
During his remarks, Governor Lusaka emphasized the significance of agriculture in Kenya's economy. He stressed the need to embrace County Agricultural Transformation, a vision aimed at modernizing, enhancing productivity, ensuring sustainability, and boosting profitability in the agricultural sector. The Governor also highlighted the critical requirement for County Agriculture Departments to have adequate financial and human resources to achieve the objectives of food security and wealth creation.
"Kenya, in its wisdom, embraced devolution, decentralizing power and responsibility to the county level, with agriculture being one of the devolved functions. The goal is straightforward yet profound: to modernize, enhance productivity, ensure sustainability, and boost profitability in the agricultural sector. As County Chief Officers, you are the architects of this transformation, crafting a path that aligns with national policies while honoring the unique characteristics and resources of each county," said the Agriculture Chair.
Furthermore, Governor Lusaka emphasized the ethos among chief officers as the County Accounting officers, emphasizing the importance of accountability for county resources, including donor funds. He urged County Chief Officers to integrate the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) and their respective Governors' Manifestos into County Planning and Budgeting processes to ensure full implementation.
The Chief Officers were inducted in areas including National sectoral direction, organization, policy environment of the Agriculture Sector, Implementation of Joint programs, Agriculture sector performance and international commitments, Sector Planning, Budgeting, and Service Delivery, Knowledge management, among other areas.
The induction workshop concluded with a 13-point communique that, once implemented, will significantly benefit the agricultural sector.
The capacity-building workshop for County Chief Officers holds the promise of fostering climate-resilient agriculture, ensuring global competitiveness, and ultimately contributing to the sustainable development and prosperity of Kenya's agricultural sector. The commitment of leaders like Governor Lusaka and the dedication of Chief Officers are vital in realizing this vision.


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