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County Governments continue to embrace diversity as evidenced by the recently released NCIC report on Ethnic Diversity audit in the County Public Service (CPS).

The Audit was undertaken to ascertain the progress made towards attaining inclusivity in employment post-10 years of devolution, in line with the County Governments Act No. 17 of 2012, and other legal provisions on enhancing inclusivity and diversity in the workplace The report indicates that already 13 Counties adhere to Section 65 (1) (e) of the County Government Act, emphasizing the need for diverse representation in entry-level positions. Marsabit County was singled out as the most inclusive County in Kenya with 30 ethnic communities represented in their CPS.

“I thank the Marsabit County Public Service Board for ensuring inclusivity in the County’s public service. We made it clear from the beginning that the resources available in the County shall be shared equitably to every community in the County,” Said Governor Mohamud Ali.

“I also thank the people of Kenya for the deliberate decision to usher in Devolution that has ensured that resources go closer to the people. Because of Devolution, resources can now reach every Kenyan in Every corner. I call upon the NCIC to extend the research on Ethnic inclusivity at the National public service so that we are able to also award the most inclusive Ministry.” Added Governor Mohamud.

Counties command a big workforce of 184,826, of which 53% (98,001) are female while 47% (85,644) are male. Nairobi City is the biggest employer with a workforce of 13,513, followed by Kakamega (7,087), Bungoma (6,477), Kisii (5,965), Machakos (5,777) and Nakuru (5,681) in that order. It is also worth noting that counties have managed to bring on board only 1.13% (2,087) employees with disability.

Speaking on behalf of the Council of Governors Chair, the Marsabit Governor stated that the Council of Governors has worked hard in recent years and strived to make sure that the 47 counties are more ethically representative of the people they serve and that everyone has fair opportunities to work, develop and progress.

“Counties have implemented affirmative action programs and policies designed to address historical imbalances and promote equal opportunities for all its citizens irrespective of their ethnic background. Community engagements through barazas and other public fora have created spaces for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds to interact, share experiences and appreciate the diversity of our country” Said Governor Mohamud.

The Ethnic & Diversity Audit of the County Public Service Report, 2023, not only applauds the commendable efforts of Counties in embracing diversity but also highlights the areas that demand further attention. It stands as a testament to the strides made in fostering inclusivity over the past decade, yet serves as a call to action for continued efforts to ensure equal opportunities for all citizens, irrespective of their ethnic background. The journey towards a truly inclusive and representative public service continues, and it is incumbent upon both County and National levels to uphold and build upon the progress achieved thus far.

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