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In an Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries meeting for County Executive Committee Members in Charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries held at Council of Governors offices in June 2018, Counties agreed to enhance project coordination in Agriculture initiatives in order to improve gains made.
The objective of the meeting was to give the Caucus the progress report on caucus resolutions, JASSCOM subcommittees and other national tasks. The meeting was also meant to look into the progress of all ongoing projects as well as new projects.
The Council of Governors in collaboration with the National Government, is implementing the Agriculture Sector Development Support Program II, National Agriculture and Rural Inclusive Growth Project and the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project. Other projects in the pipeline are; ENABLE Youth project (AfDB), Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Project Aquaculture Business Development Project that targets five coastal counties.

In the other hand, the CoG in conjunction with the Africa Agri-business Incubation Network (AAIN) will roll out Youth in Agri-business Program to be implemented in 16 select Counties with the aim of developing Agribusiness incubators in these Counties. The project will be implemented in four phases ie eco-system mapping, documentation of best practices, capacity building and training and establishment of the incubation hubs. This will enable residents especially the youth come up with innovative ideas in Agriculture especially at this point when both levels of government are in tandem to achieve food security in Kenya.
Mrs. Maria Nzomo, CEC Agriculture Trans Nzoia County urged Counties to chat their own projects. “It’s high time, we as counties should be able to chat our own trajectory. This can only be done through implementation of pragmatic solutions informed by evidence backed needs. It’s my hope that this forum will lay foundational basis for our focus and priorities,” she stated.

At a time when the Country has a huge deficit on Data, the Council of Governors has developed a data management strategy that will be implemented in collaboration with the 47 County Governments. The Data management strategy is a framework for collecting data in the Agriculture sector for supporting decision making. In the strategy, the Council of Governors proposes to capture data in crop farming and livestock.

As part of improving decision making based on suitable data, the Council of Governors has developed the data management system. This will capture the number of acres for specific crops in each County, number of acres under irrigation by type harvested as well as the number of small scale producers per enterprise. It will show the number of livestock per County, segregation of livestock data by local breed and grade stock and number of AI service producers in a County and average price offer by each.
Agriculture CECs meet quarterly to discuss progress in all ongoing projects. This meeting was part of the CECs quarterly meetings to discuss the progress of all ongoing projects.

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